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Next Center Construction Update


The Next Center

Lakeshore Advantage

The Next Center will provide a physical presence and go-to resource for the region’s entrepreneurial community. Situated at the corner of 7th and College in downtown Holland, the Next Center fulfills a long-term vision of the Holland SmartZone.


The 20,000-SF project includes the construction of a modern, three-story building that will serve as a beacon of innovation to the community and its visitors, and a symbol of the high-tech ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs who make the Holland SmartZone their business home.


The Plan

The first floor will be a business incubator which will serve as home base to over 50 startups. It will have open-concept collaborative spaces as well as traditional conference rooms and desks for heads-down, focused work experiences. The first floor will also house a 50-person learning lab for workshops and seminars to be utilized by startups and the broader community.


The second floor will serve as the new headquarters for Lakeshore Advantage. Additionally, it will contain office space for second-stage companies and partner organizations that can assist incubator members in hitting milestones to continue their growth.


The third floor will house an established business that complements the startup ecosystem.

Project Updates


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