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Menard USA | Ground Improvement

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The soil underneath the Next Center, and much of downtown Holland, contains layers of unsuitable materials that, if left in place, might cause a building to settle once built. The project team discovered the unsuitable materials through soil sampling and determined early on in design that we would need to “improve” the ground before construction could begin. EV Construction partnered with Menard USA (not to be confused with a certain big box retailer!) to design and install a ground improvement system called “Rigid Inclusion”. These underground structures are part concrete, part stone, and allow us to pour concrete on a solid, stable base. They extend more than 20 feet underneath the Next Center.

Menard's team did an excellent job of planning and executing their work. Their crew traveled from out of the area and worked long hours to complete their work several days ahead of schedule. While onsite, the Menard team also hosted a lunch and learn event, updating EV project managers on new ground improvement technologies.

Thank you to the entire Menard team for their work on the Next Center!


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