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January, 2024 | Taking Shape

The installation of steel is one of the most exciting times on a construction site. The building’s shape and scale become visible quickly and significant progress can be seen between breakfast and an afternoon break. The first sections of steel to be installed at the Next Center were three story vertical columns. These columns were then connected with the primary beams, creating the main structure of the building.  Intermediate beams, or joists, are then placed between the primary beams to create the floor system.  Finally, corrugated steel decking installed horizontally creates the first part of the floor and roof systems, which will later receive concrete or a rubber membrane. Steel “erection”, as the installation is called, has moved quickly and was only partially delayed due to poor weather in January.  


One challenge of the Next Center site is the limited room for storage and “lay down” of materials. Because of the small site, steel must be delivered “on demand” and transferred from the delivery truck right to its position in the building structure. So far, the process has been working smoothly and seamlessly. Steel installation will continue into February and likely complete before the end of the month.   


Other activities in January included completion of water and sanitary connections and the completion of our stair and elevator towers which started in December. Things are moving along right on schedule!


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