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Steel Fabrication | VanDellen Steel

Updated: Mar 4

The steel structure for the Next Center is being fabricated by Van Dellen Steel, located in Dutton, MI, just south of Grand Rapids. Van Dellen has fabricated steel for many iconic buildings across the state since their founding in the 1960’s. The process for fabrication starts with detailed shop drawings which translate the engineer’s design into detailed instructions for each individual piece of steel. Each hole, plate and cut are carefully detailed on paper before any fabrication begins. Once the engineer has reviewed and approved these drawings, raw steel shapes are transformed into the columns, beams and joists you see being installed. The red color that you see on some of the steel is a primer that protects the steel from rusting. Van Dellen also created our detailed installation plan which ensures the steel arrives to the site in a specific order, which is critical to our “on-demand” delivery planning. Thank you to the Van Dellen Steel team for all their hard work so far!


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