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Structural Steel Complete; Time to Enclose

With structural steel erection complete, this opens opportunities for our other trade partners to begin their work at The Next Center. The framework of the exterior of the building is being built by our in-house EV Interiors Division. Our framers will stand up to 45 foot long structural steel studs – these studs are the back bone for the “shell” of the building. Special attention is given to the shell of the building to ensure the building will be air and watertight. At the same time our framers will be building the shell of the building, our plumbers and electricians are back onsite to finish their rough-ins below the slab on the 1st floor. These activities are in preparation for our concrete trade partner to come back onsite to pour the concrete on all three floors. All of these tasks will be completed in the month of March, which will then allow us to begin the interior fit-out of the building. Exciting things to come!


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