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Interior Walls

In this month’s update, we shift our focus to the inside of the Next Center. Crews from EV Construction, Armock Mechanical, Gale Plumbing and Parkway Electric are working closely to create all our interior rooms and “rough in” the supporting utilities. As new walls are framed, electrician’s follow closely with power and data outlets. Plumbing vents and pipes snake through the new walls and ceilings. Overhead ductwork and heat pump units are installed. These four contractors must coordinate closely to avoid conflicts with each other and with decorative ceiling systems which will be installed in the final finish stages. On the exterior of the building, crews continue to install water proofing and girt systems which will eventually be covered by metal siding. We also completed all our field measuring for the final fabrication of windows and metal siding panels. In the coming months, you will see these final exterior finishes added to the building!


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