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August, 2023 | Out With The Old

We are underway! Before we could host our groundbreaking celebration, the existing building at 7th and College had to be demolished. It was built over 50 years ago and had been used for steel fabrication and storage by EV Construction since the 1970’s. Prior to EV Construction, the building was used by Holland Quality Monument for the manufacturing of grave marking stones. During the demolition of the building, several rejected headstones were found under the building slab. Holland Monument quickly verified that these were in fact discarded headstones, not actual markings. Demolition was completed on schedule with no complications.

Following demolition, approximately 36 inches of soil was stripped from the site to reach a working elevation for the installation of our ground improvement systems. The soil under the Next Center required the installation of a deep foundation system called Rigid Inclusions. These underground structures will support the Next Center’s concrete foundations. This work was completed ahead of schedule with no complications. We are thankful for the great weather during this installation.

With our deep foundations installed, the EV sitework team then prepared the site for concrete foundations. Approximately 24 inches of compacted stone was installed across the entire site and footing excavations were made on the north, east and south sides. Preparations were also made for the building's water and sewer services. Finally, existing Holland BPW communication and power lines were temporarily moved to accommodate construction of the building.

Thank you to everyone who has worked on the project site so far. We look forward to the first concrete pours starting in October!


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