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October, 2023 | A Firm Foundation

The Next Center’s footings and foundations are taking shape! Roughly 4’ underground footings are being placed, which distribute and transfer the load of the building to the soil and the rigid inclusion piers we highlighted last month. The footings and forthcoming foundation walls contain thousands of pounds of reinforcing steel, giving the concrete additional strength. Once footings are complete, and the foundation walls and piers are constructed, the outside “footprint” of the building will start to take shape. As foundation walls and piers are completed, anchor bolts will also be installed to accept the building steel.

With foundations complete, waterproofing will be added to the outside of the foundation walls and stockpiled soil will be used to backfill the outside perimeter of the building. Inside the footprint, underground plumbing and electrical systems will start along with a compacted gravel base to support the first floor slab. The month of November will be exciting for the team as we see the building start to develop!


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